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BFA x Physio Alan Knee Rehab Workshop

Guest Speaker:Alan Hui

BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy

Mulligan concept practitioner

Certified FR and FRC provider

Clinical Pilates, K-Tape, Mckenzie method,

Spinal manipulation Certificate

Instagram: @physio.alan

Venue: OneBetter Fitness

Topic: Knee Injuries Prevention and Rehabilitation

感激物理治療師 Alan 為我們分享運動中如何處理和預防常見膝傷,並示範了一系列有助提升


香港羽毛球界一哥 伍家朗


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It is great to have @physio.alan share his knowledge in knee injury treatment and prevention.

In this workshop, Alan demonstrated

  • How to Identify Jumper Knee and Runner Knee

  • Explained different causes and treatment of knee injuries

  • Basic dynamic warmup and mobility exercises for knees and lower limbs

  • Static stretching for cool down/recovery

  • Strength exercises for lower limb muscles

  • Different routines to improve athletic performance

Joint stability are as important as muscle strength

We learnt that knees (together with other joints muscles) health and strength must be a priority in our strength programs. Knee pains may be derived from ankle or hip instability, so it would be paramount not just to load your muscles and joints with heavy weights, but also be performing movements in different planes and focus on coordination and dynamic stability.

Warmups and cool downs are recipe for a perfect program

We all love sports and badminton, but it is also important to know that warmups and cool-down are crucial to our sports performance and longevity in the game. With properly planned programs, we are able to progressively improve our muscle and joint strength, which not only enhance our performances, but also to prevent unwanted injuries, or at the least, mitigate the severity injuries when they happen.

Not just for athletes, but for everyone

Thank you Alan for showing all our guests (parents, athletes and fellow professionals including an Occupational therapist, a Strength and Conditioning coach, a volleyball coach and a Powerlifter. Knee injuries could occur to everyone, hence the awareness and knowledge of prevention must be taught not just for athlete, but everyone.

And a delighted surprise, welcome our special guest- Ng Ka Long (@ngklangus) in the house! Angus is a top player in Hong Kong (and an idol to all fellow BFA athletes), yet he is always ready to “go beyond” and improve his game!

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