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BFA Cofounder and Head Coach - Lam Pok Fung

Updated: Feb 26, 2022


All about wholistic growth

Coach Pok believes that a great coach should focus not only on students’ athletic ability but also their all-rounded development and personal growth.

Coach Pok encourages everyone to “go beyond” comfort zones, “go beyond” their limits, keep growing everyday and to never settle for less.

Go BEYOND your limits. Keep growing everyday and never settle for less.

Coaching Experience:

  1. Chinese University of Hong Kong

  2. Diocesan Boys' School

  3. West Island School

  4. Sacred Heart Canossian College

  5. PLK Camoes Tan Siu Lin Primary School

Education Background:

Athlete Experience:



Wholistic knowledge in sports theories

Coach Pok is a degree holder in Sports Science and Physical Education, and master in Sports Medicine and Health Science, where he majored in "Strength and Conditioning". He has also taken kinesiology, athletic training and coaching philosophy courses in the United States. In addition, Coach Pok is a certified level-1 Badminton coach, level-3 sports general-theory coach, and a FRC® Mobility Specialist.

Applications of sports science in trainings

He advocates for the use of training methodologies that are backed by science and theories. He would never cease to pursue professional knowledge in sports, in order to provide the safest and most effective training for students.

Setting examples for the future stars

Beyond the theoretical part, Coach Pok is an excellent player himself, being an A grade player, he has used to trained with Hong Kong Badminton Team.

Coach Pok has earned numerous titles in local and national tournaments; he has excelled in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, and he always strives his best no matter if it is individual or team events. He has set a great example to all the young players, hoping to inspire them to strive for excellence and fight for their dreams.



International/Naional Awards

  • All China University Badminton Competition

    • Mixed Doubles 1st (2014)

    • Mixed Doubles 3rd (2013)

  • 2012 Queensland Open Championships

    • Open Grade Men’s Doubles 2nd

    • Open Grade Mixed Doubles 3rd

Local Championships

  • BOCHK Hong Kong Annual Badminton Championships:

    • Intermediate Mixed Double 1st (2012,2013)

    • Intermediate Men’s Double 1st (2010,2014,2016)

  • The Hong Kong Games 2017

    • Mixed Doubles 1st


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